The 'Citylink' Walking Route Presented by Climate Pledge


Enjoy a vibrant 25-minute walk from Manchester city centre to Co-op Live. 

Our 'Citylink' walking route connects Piccadilly Station to Co-op Live, guiding you through the bustling areas of Ancoats, New Islington, and Holt Town. 

This pedestrial-friendly path is not just practical, but also enhances the fan experience, offering an engaging journey filled with unique features.



At the corner of Merrill Street, you’ll find the ‘Walk This Way’ neon sign, marking the beginning of the CityLink Walking Route for those arriving from the town center. This vibrant installation guides fans past the Holt Town tram stop, illuminating the path and setting the tone for the journey ahead.



The twin antenna structures are a reference to the Manchester skyline and its industrial origins with a re-imagined nature, inspired by crystalline surface aesthetic that ties in with the glowing colour palette of the route. 

During the day, the crystalline acrylic will cast shifting colour patterns on the walkway, whilst during darkness, they become a beacon of coloured light with a striking beam of light projecting into the sky to elevate the apex of each tower. 



Honoring the industrious Mancunian Bee, the Hive Installation symbolizes community and collective effort, much like the followers of football teams or musical artists. Featuring a hexagonal design, it covers the viaduct’s ceiling and facade.

The installation's lighting shimmers with low-energy LEDs that illuminate the path. Accompanied by a serene soundscape crafted by local sound engineer Hayley Suviste, the experience captures the anticipation of a buzzing crowd, inviting passersby to pause and enjoy a moment of calm and wonder.



An homage to Manchester has been created along a curved wall creating the first collaboration between two of Manchester's finest creators:

Together, they have created a Love Letter mural that celebrates all that is synonymous with Manchester, from football, industry to science, the original modern city, inclusivity, pride, peace, Suffragettes, sport, music, and of course, Manchester's rain.



A Manchester walk would not be complete without the Manchester emblem - the iconic bee. Seven bees have adorned Manchester's coat of arms since 1842, alongside a globe to represent how Manchester traded across the seven seas in Victorian times.

The Manchester bee represents Manchester's industrial heritage and not only as individuals do Mancunians graft, but collectively Mancs are stronger.



The Wonder Wall, created by Nick Flynn, features a bold typographic mural that spans the entire wall.

Its interactive magic lies in three floor-mounted lights (red, green, blue) that illuminate the mural. As you pass by, your shadow splits into vibrant silhouettes that move with you, offering a playful and engaging experience.

Perfect for solo visitors or groups, this installation is a fun, photo-friendly attraction that invites creative interaction and makes for great social media moments.

climate arch



The Climate Pledge Arch will tally the number of fans who walk to and from the venue, in turn calculating the amount of carbon avoided thanks to people making the journey on foot.

By day, it casts a vibrant, dappled light through its colored panels. At night, hidden lights transform it into a colorful beacon. This arch celebrates eco-conscious travel with an LED display showing how many have passed through, and touch-tap technology shares the benefits of walking, making it both a visual and educational highlight of the route.



The Big M marks the end (or start if you're travelling home) of the CityLink Walking Route, is a standout feature along the route to Co-op Live, perfect for capturing social media moments.

Strategically placed to frame the arena and its glowing blue halo, which highlights the night’s performers, this landmark offers a sleek design with clean lines and a dark satin finish, complemented by neon edges. It’s an ideal spot for snapping memorable photos with a stunning backdrop.



The route is monitored by CCTV to ensure safety at all times. Additionally, on event days, stewards will be on hand to assist and provide a secure environment for everyone.