Our Building is Net Zero

From the beginning, we managed our direct impact as best as we could. We have designed Co-op Live to be one of the most sustainable music arenas in Europe and we hope to be awarded an 'Excellent' BREEAM accreditation.

Powered by Nature 

We are proud that the day-to-day running of the venue uses only renewable electricity, from 10,500 on-site solar panels topped up by renewably sourced electricity. 

Co-opLive is 100% electric. By not having any gas, we can power, heat, and cool the venue with zero carbon emissions. 

Local Materials

Co-op Live has been built using local suppliers, keeping transport miles to a minimum. Our façade is from Salford, our Steel from Bolton, and the seats you sit on are made in Britain.

Hello Sunshine

With one and a half football pitches worth of solar panels on our roof, our renewable energy and low carbon technologies are just a part of our wider commitment to sustainability. 

Resident Super Fans

With our smart building technology, our ventilation and air filtration systems will keep the air fresh and clean in a way that's green as part of our commitment to guest wellbeing, intelligent building controls and low-carbon technologies.

Making the Most of the Rain

In Manchester, we do rain well. That's why we are harvesting our rain and re-using it to flush our loos and water our plants.

Shine a Light

100% LED lights to ensure we are as efficient as possible wth all our lighting.

Plant Power

We're planting a new 'Green biodiversity ring' of over 2,700m² of new planting around Co-op Live, to promote diverse vegetation and create a habitat for local wildlife. We are planting a variety of trees, shrubs and wildflowers to enhance local biodiversity and creating a living green wall to attract pollinators, birds and endagered bees.

Doing Good Has Never Sounded So Good

Running events at Co-op Live like all other arenas and stadiums, will create indirect impacts on the environment. From burgers to pints of larger, to how fans travel to the venue, these all have an environmental impact (known as Scope 3 emissions). 

As we don’t know how many burgers or pints our fans will buy, we have modelled these impacts, based on the best information and projections we have. When we are open, we will collate all the data to allow us to work out our carbon footprint in more detail and then look to reduce, recycle and re-use wherever possible. 

But here's what we are doing:

Local Food Sourcing

We are supporting local producers (suppliers within 50 miles of Co-op Live) and the planet with our sustainably sourced, local food and produce, which means less transport miles.

Plant-Based Choices

Focusing on our scope 3 emissions, we can reduce the carbon footprint of Co-op Live with your help. By providing plant-based food options, we're making it easierfor our fans to eat a more sustainable meal.

Reducing Plastic

Co-op Live is reducing plastic where it can. Two examples include our aim to have no single use plastic drinks bottles and no-plastic around fan merchandise. 

Re-Usable Plates, Cutlery and Cups

In hospitality areas we will be serving food on platters and plates which we can wash and re-use, reducing waste. We are also serving all our fans, beer, wine, cocktails and soft drinks from re-useable pint pots, wine glasses and flutes to avoid plastic waste. Doing more to use less every cup at a time.

Planet Partnership

Co-op Live is proud to work with Food and Beverage partners that share our passion for the planet. 

Waste Not Want Not

We’re aiming to avoid food waste but where we cannot we are working with local food donation programmes to make sure that no edible surplus food goes to waste. We will also have food waste bins across the site, for vegetable peeling etc, which will help create compost and green power via Anaerobic digestion. 

Zero Waste Direct to Landfill

What's more, we're aiming for zero waste direct to landfill and zero food waste to landfill through our recycled packaging and refill solutions, including free water refill stations throughout the building.

Biological Cleaning

By sourcing plant powered, organic cleaning solutions in 100% recycled bottles and pods that you dilute, we lower transportation miles as well as waste and the impact on the environment.

Sustainable Travel

We can dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of Co-op Live if fans travel to the venue by public transport, e.g. walk, cycle, scoot, tram, and have no carbon footprint.