The Co-op Backstage Club

Level up your Co-op Live experience with access to the exclusive Co-op Backstage Club. 

Arrive through a VIP entrance; enjoy a vibrant, energy-filled space that matches Manchester's bustling Northern Quarter, premium refreshments, top-quality food, an exclusive merchandise shop and dedicated toilets. 

Arrive an hour before doors 
Complimentary glass of wine, beer or soft drink* 
Party on after the show** 
*not included at every event – please check full details at point of purchase 
**end time subject to venue curfew  

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Does every show offer the Co-op Backstage Club?

Tickets to the Co-op Backstage Club are only available for select shows. 

Can I resell my Co-op Backstage Club ticket?

Tickets to the Co-op Backstage Club are non-refundable and non-transferrable. 

Does my accessibility companion require a separate ticket?

Essential companions will require a separate ticket for access to the Co-op Backstage Club. 

Is there an age restriction on who can access the Co-op Backstage Club?

The age restriction for the Co-op Backstage Club will be the same as the event you are going to. 

Where is the Co-op Backstage Club?

The Co-op Backstage Club is accessible through Entrance G, and located behind the stage on Level 01, adjacent to Block 116.