Announcements and onsales

Upcoming artists

Artists and events taking place at Co-op Live will be announced as and when confirmed, and not necessarily in order of appearance.

We are working with event promoters and organisers across the country to bring the best artists to Co-op Live. We cannot guarantee the appearance of any specific artists, but with over 120 events planned for our first year and more beyond, do register for more information.

All confirmed events are listed on our Events Calendar. You can also register to be the first to know when we announce new events and keep a close eye on our social channels and official website.

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Onsale timings

We’ll be giving you all the information you need for each individual event on our official website. Our social channels will also let you know when events are going on sale. 

Co-op Members get access to tickets first. Existing members can access tickets through the Co-op app, separate to the Co-op Live app. Head here to find out more about Co-op membership.

Booking tickets

How to book tickets

You can book tickets online by clicking on the event you wish to attend from our Event Calendar. Please only buy tickets from authorised ticketing agents such as our official ticketing partner, Ticketmaster. All events will be listed on the official Co-op Live website

Accessible tickets will be available to book online through Ticketmaster. For more information on how to buy accessible tickets, head to our designated Accessibility page.

Accessing the Co-op presale

Co-op Members get access to tickets first. Existing members can access tickets through the Co-op app, separate to the Co-op Live app.

Becoming a Co-op Member is really simple and costs £1. You’ll get access to Member Prices, exclusive offers, discounts and first in line for tickets for Co-op Live. Find out more about Co-op membership here.

Presale ticket availability

Only a limited number of tickets are released in each presale. The likelihood of getting a ticket via presale will vary based on the event demand/popularity.

Additional booking fees

You will pay a service charge and facility fee on each ticket purchased. An order processing fee may be applied to the entire transaction regardless of the number of tickets you are buying. Tickets will then be available in the Co-op Live app ahead of the event.

The facility fee keeps the venue running, helping us to improve our services and experiences for all visitors to Co-op Live. 

Ticket limits

A ticket limit may be imposed by the event organiser. The ticket limit will always be displayed at the start of the booking process, and is usually applied per person, per method of purchase. Sometimes the ticket limit is extended to a household. Those looking to get around the system by using multiple payment methods or accounts may have their tickets cancelled without notice.

Booking Pearl Jam Tickets


Key Dates and Times to Know


Registration is now open and will close on Sunday, 2/16/23 at 3 p.m. GMT.

Registration Site:

To learn more about how ticketing works for Pearl Jam’s 2024 Dark Matter World Tour or for Ten Club member tickets, please visit


Registration invitations will be sent on the evening before the general sale is scheduled to start to fans who have been invited to shop. In that invitation email, we will include timing details for when you will receive a link to where you can purchase your tickets and your unique access code.

Before the sale begins, we’ll text the number you provided during registration with your unique access code and link to buy tickets.


Important Things to Know During the General Sale

If I receive a code, am I guaranteed tickets?

You can shop for tickets if you receive an access code, but it’s not guaranteed you’ll be able to purchase tickets. They’re available on a first come, first served basis.

How many tickets can I buy with my code?

You can purchase up to 4 tickets with your unique code and only for the show indicated in the text you received.

Can I share my access code?

Codes can't be purchased or transferred. Your access code is unique to your individual account.

How do I join the queue?

By signing in through the link we texted the phone number you provided during registration, you can easily access the queue.

I got an email saying I’m on the waitlist, what does that mean?

When demand exceeds availability, a lottery-style process will determine which registered fans will receive a unique access code and which will be put on the waitlist.

Receiving an email saying you’re on the waitlist means that if tickets remain, we may text you an access code to join the ticket sale. The lottery-style process will be used to determine who gets off the waitlist.



Pearl Jam tickets are mobile only and have a delivery delay — the period of time between the purchase and access to a ticket. It’s used to prevent tickets from being accessed until we can confirm everyone has adhered to the event ticket limit and didn’t use unfair ticket technology to buy in bulk.

If your order has a delivery delay, mobile ticket barcodes won’t be available until the delivery delay passes.

The delivery delay for Pearl Jam tickets is in place until approximately 72 hours before your event date.


Need additional help with your unique general sale code?

Ticketmaster are here to help. To reach Fan Support about your code, follow these steps:

Visit this form.
Under the Please select a topic section, select Registration.
Under Event name, type Pearl Jam.
Fill in the other required fields.
Submit your form.

Purchased tickets

Accessing your tickets

Ticket holders will receive a confirmation e-mail shortly after purchase. Tickets will then be activated in the Co-op Live app close to the day of the event, so please do not worry if you don’t see the ticket appear in the app straight away. Please ensure that you have the app downloaded, are logged into your account and can see your tickets prior to arriving at the venue.

Note: The Co-op Live app will be available soon.

Using the Co-op Live app

The Co-op Live app will launch soon, available through usual app stores. As well as hosting your ticket, the app will provide you with event and venue information, as well as any special offers available at Co-op Live.

Tickets are likely to appear in the app close to the event date, so don’t worry if you can’t see them just yet. If you still don’t have access to your ticket 3 days before the event, please contact your point of purchase. Always make sure you are using the same e-mail address on the Co-op Live app that you used when purchasing the tickets. If tickets are still not appearing on the day of the event, don’t worry, we’re here to help. You can contact us directly through the app ahead of the event.

Your mobile ticket includes leading-edge technology with fraud protection, so you won't be able to use screenshots or printouts. Tickets will only be available in our Co-op Live app.

Refunds, transfers, and exchanges

All ticket purchases are non-refundable; however, we have made it easy for you to transfer or exchange your ticket if necessary.   

Ticket Transfer

Tickets can be directly transferred to friends or family through the Co-op Live app in the run up to the event, and often at your point of purchase. To do this, click ‘Transfer Tickets’ on the ticket menu and follow the instructions. Please note that for some events, ticket transfer may be disabled. For guidance on how to transfer tickets through Ticketmaster, visit their help page.

Ticket Exchange

Ticketmaster’s Ticket Exchange is the only resale platform endorsed by Co-op Live. The platform allows fans to sell tickets for face value or less and will appear directly on Ticketmaster.   For guidance on how to sell tickets through Ticketmaster, visit their help page.

Upgrading your experience

We have a range of exciting VIP and luxe experiences at Co-op Live, many of which are available on an event-by-event basis. Available upgrades can be purchased at the same time as buying your ticket, and ahead of the event through the Co-op Live app. The upgrades available may change depending on the event. Find out more about our Premium Experiences.

Changing standing floor tickets when you can no longer safely stand

We still want you to have a great time, so please let us know in advance if you can no longer safely stand so we can try to find an alternative location for you to enjoy the event. To avoid any safety issues, we don’t allow people using crutches or walking aids onto the standing floor.  

Postponed or cancelled events

On the rare occasion that an event can no longer go ahead as planned, you will be informed via the ticket agent you purchased your ticket from. Information on new event dates, and how to receive your refund, will be provided.